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Parents might have a lot of questions regarding their children’s dental care. What age should they first visit a dentist? If the condition of the teeth seems to be good, should the child still visit a dentist? What is happening at the dentist and how will the child behave? Maria Lukjanova, the children’s dentist at Dental Beauty Clinic will explain how to behave in this kind of situation.

The first visit to the dentist

The first visit to the dentist should occur after the appearance of the first teeth. During the visit the dentist will evaluate the situation of the teeth, the bite and will give recommendations for parents on how to avoid dental caries. It is recommended to visit a dentist once every six months, even when there are no apparent problems. It helps to discover early caries which is common for children that are 2-3 years old. Routine inspections would help to ensure normal teeth condition for children.

The first visit to the dentist is important and should be in a friendly environment. It is important that a child gets used to the dentist’s office and that they would feel comfortable. During the first visit the dentist will introduce the child to all the equipment that dentists use. The dentist will explain how to clean teeth and will show all the colourful fillings. The first visit should last about half an hour, the children will be with their parents the whole time and that everything would seem playful and fun. That will make children feel safe and secure.

The preparations for the first visit

It is necessary for parents to prepare children for their first visit. They should explain to children what will happen at the dentist. They shouldn’t instill fear with sentences such as “Don’t be afraid, the doctor will not hurt you”. Parents should not talk about negative situations during the dentist visit at home. Rather they should explain and answer the questions children might have. It is also recommended to make the situation playful. Parents can play a dentist and a patient and explore the condition of the teeth of their children. Also, on the day when a child will visit the dentist, they should go for a movie or do something pleasant.

It is vital for children to feel secure during the visit. They will remember all the emotions they are experiencing at the early age. Therefore, it is important to accomplish a trustworthy relationship between the young patient and the doctor.

If the first visit was not successful

If the child was disobedient and did not obey to the control, it is necessary to understand the reasons. There might be several reasons such as wrong time, a fear of the unknown or mistakes of the preparations. The first problem is easy to solve, just make sure that children have eaten and slept enough. The second one is also easy, just make sure that the visit is pleasant, but the last one is the most difficult. Since children remember everything, parents would have to talk about dental care over and over again. During the time the child will understand that a dentist is a friend who helps to keep teeth nice and healthy.

Dr. Maria Lukjanova / EstDental Ltd

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