Gum treatment or periodontics

is a field of dentistry that includes the prevention and treatment of any disease affecting gums and the bone around a tooth. 


Good oral health is not limited to the health of your teeth but includes the health of your gums and surrounding bone. Neglected gum health may lead to a serious disease such as periodontitis. Let us talk about the importance of periodontics in dentistry and how healthy gums can help maintain optimal oral health.

Gums and dental health

The gum is the mucous membrane that covers the bone around the tooth and plays an important role in keeping teeth healthy. It serves as a protective barrier and guards the tissues of the tooth root from pathogenic bacteria. Healthy gums adhere tightly to the tooth neck, thus preventing any bacteria from penetrating deeper tissues and spreading infection. Poor oral hygiene, irregular dental checks, and certain health problems can cause gum problems such as gingivitis (gum inflammation) and periodontitis.

Periodontal diseases (gingivitis and periodontitis)

A normal mucous membrane of the gums is pale pink. If the gum reddens, swells, or bleeds, it is the first sign of a pathological process. The main cause of gum disease is pathogenic plaque bacteria in the tooth neck site. Failing to remove plaque or tartar on time leads to developing a pathological condition of gum inflammation (gingivitis). Gingivitis is an early and treatable stage of gum disease. Upon failed treatment of the gum inflammation, a more serious disease called periodontitis occurs. In this case, the pocket between the tooth and the gum becomes deeper, which contributes to an even greater accumulation of pathogenic bacteria and can even lead to premature loss of teeth.

How to treat periodontal disease

Gum treatment engages multiple procedures aimed at restoring gum health. Depending on the complexity of the case, the dentist will select an individual type of required treatment. Periodontal procedures include professional plaque and tartar removal and deep cleaning of gum pockets; in some cases, the dentist may prescribe a course of antibiotics and even surgical treatment. A treatment method is chosen based on the complexity of the case and the overall health status of the patient. 


In the case of gingivitis, a sufficient option is regular professional plaque removal where the plaque is removed with ultrasonic instruments or by soda cleaning (also called “pearl whitening”, or “pärlipesu”). In case of advanced periodontitis, the likely required option is more extensive procedures, such as deep cleaning of the gum pockets.

Periodontal treatment brings positive outcomes

Apart from making your gums healthier, periodontal treatment also positively affects the overall body health. The treatment results in the gums fitting closely to the tooth tissues and the decreased depth of the gum pockets, which prevents pathogenic bacteria from penetrating deeper tissues. 


Successful periodontal treatment has a positive effect on the course of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus, and many other pathological conditions.


Periodontology is an important and integral part of dentistry. To keep your teeth beautiful and your smile healthy, you need to monitor your gum health. Regular dental checks, adherence to daily oral hygiene, early diagnosis of periodontal diseases, and their timely treatment will ensure healthy and strong gums and teeth for many years. 


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