Pediatric dentistry. Develop the right habits in your child from an early age.

Pediatric dentistry is an important branch of dentistry that deals with the dental treatment of children. At the EstDental Hambaravi Clinic funded by the Tervise Kassa, children are treated up to 19 years of age under medical insurance.  Each visit costs EUR 5.

Daily dental hygiene habits are embedded in childhood. In this regard, even if no problem with the teeth is present, a child should start visiting the dentist from an early age and do it regularly. So the child will form the habit of a dental check and will not fear the dentist. Let us talk about the importance of pediatric dentistry and how to prepare your child for their first dental visit. 

Introduction to dental checkups

At the EstDental Hambaravi clinic, dentists advise a child to visit the dentist’s office at six months of age approximately, once the first baby teeth are erupted. At this important visit, the doctor will introduce the baby to the office, show him/her the tools, look at his/her baby teeth, and provide parents with appropriate advice regarding daily hygiene and prevention of cavities, as well as how to develop proper eating habits in childhood. Usually, at the very first appointment, the dentist does not treat the baby’s teeth. The doctor can check them with a dental mirror, clean them with a brush and paste, and give the baby a small gift. Thus, the small patient gets a positive experience of a dental visit and will not be reluctant against a routine check in six months.

Regular visits

For the best results, routine dental checks are advisable every six months, even if no problems or cavities occur. The frequent routine check contributes to the dentist noticing and treating issues at their early stage. The structure of the baby tooth enamel differs from permanent ones. In baby teeth, all pathological processes develop much faster. Therefore, frequent monitoring by a doctor is especially important in childhood. Timely and regular dental checkups are the key to the healthy dentition of your child in the future! 

In Estonia, the Tervise Kassa covers dental treatment for children under 19 years of age

Here, forget about the high expenses for pediatric dental treatment! Under active health insurance, the Tervise Kassa covers dental treatment for children under 19 years of age. Thanks to such state support, children may receive the required treatment in a timely manner, prevent any dental disease, and get important tips on their daily dental care. It also provides immense support for parents in keeping the teeth of their children healthy without high financial costs.


Pediatric dentistry forms the basis for a healthy smile for life! 


The first introduction to the dentist, timely routine checkups, and available quality dental treatment play an important role in the prevention of dental diseases in children. 


Upon early introduction to the dental office, parents can ensure their child develops good hygiene habits, healthy teeth, and a beautiful smile in the future. As we already know, a beautiful smile is the key to success and self-confidence for everyone!


Come with your child for a checkup at the EstDental Hambaravi dental clinic located in the center of Tallinn. Our experienced dentists will provide your child with a positive dental experience. Feel free to contact us!

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