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A dental consultation is the very first stage of dental treatment. During the consultation, the patient gets acquainted with the dentist, while the doctor examines his/her teeth and marks problematic ones in the patient’s chart with the intention to treat. X-rays are also taken at the first visit to identify hidden problems. Such problems are rarely that evident to the naked eye during standard examination. Usually, both small targeted shots and a 3D or CBCT image are obtained. These images show usual dental cavities, hidden inflammation, cysts, 

odontogenic sinusitis, bone problems, etc. 


Based on the consultation and initial examination, the dentist draws up an individual treatment plan for the patient to achieve the best result.

Dentistry in the center of Tallinn

Modern dentistry is very multifaceted. Any dental treatment begins with a dental consultation. Our EstDental Hambaravi dental clinic is located in the center of Tallinn. Come visit us for a consultation, and we will help you restore the function and beauty of your teeth. After all, a beautiful smile is the key to success and self-confidence!

Why is the initial pre-treatment dental consultation so important?

  • Evaluation and diagnosis. During the consultation, the dentist evaluates the overall status of the oral cavity, identifies problematic teeth that require treatment, and establishes a diagnosis. Thanks to routine dental checks, we are able to reveal emerging problems at their early stage and quickly begin to treat them. When a problem is timely identified, more serious potential complications are prevented.
  • Individual treatment plan. At the consultation, the patient can share with the dentist any preferences regarding his/her teeth and the expected result of the treatment. Based on the information received, the dentist draws up an individual treatment plan for a particular patient. When drawing it up, the dentist bases the plan on what the patient wants. In our EstDental Hambaravi dental clinic in Tallinn, dentists will draw up a treatment plan that most suits you!
  • Dental disease prevention training. At the dental consultation, an essential role is attributed to teaching how to arrange your daily hygiene. After all, your dental health is rooted in your personal hygiene and high-quality daily dental care at home. A dentist or a hygienist will teach you the basics of brushing and flossing while explaining the importance of regular oral hygiene. If needed, the dentist can give you advice on proper nutrition and daily habits to keep your teeth healthy.

What to expect from the initial dental consultation?

Most likely, at the initial dental consultation, no dental treatment will be provided. This is due to the required examination, X-rays, and communication with your doctor, which take a lot of time.


What can you expect from the initial consultation?


  • Thorough dental examination
    The dentist will identify existing problems, i.e. cavities and any disease affecting gums or other structures within the oral cavity. X-rays are also taken at this stage.
  • Patient’s medical history
    The patient shares his/her previous experience of dental treatment and fears, if any. It is required to mention any existing allergies, medications used, and ongoing diseases. Accuracy of the shared information is very important as it will allow your dentist to plan the treatment in the best way possible.
  • Issue discussion and possible treatment options.
    Based on the information obtained and the preferences of the patient, the doctor will suggest possible treatment options. The planned procedures and the expected result of the treatment will also be discussed. Another key conversation point is a financial component outlining the cost of work, i.e. the price of dental implants, the price of crowns, etc.


At the end of the consultation, the next visit will be scheduled, taking into account the preferences and availability of the patient.


An initial dental consultation is an essential step on the path to dental health as it pre-defines treatment. During the consultation, the patient gets acquainted with the doctor, undergoes the oral health evaluation, and has his/her X-ray scans examined while discussing personal expectations and possible treatment options. If the patient’s teeth are healthy, no further treatment is prescribed; however, the patient will be informed that regular checkups are crucial. It is advisable to visit the dentist’s office for routine oral health checks at least once a year. 


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