Microscope-assisted endodontic treatment or root canal treatment —how to save a decayed tooth?

The main goal of root canal treatment (or endodontic treatment) is to preserve a severely decayed tooth and prevent the development of a root infection (apical periodontitis).


Root canal inflammation is often accompanied by toothache with potential swelling of the face that characterizes the spread of infection. Microscope-assisted root canal treatment eliminates these unpleasant symptoms and keeps the tooth for many more years.

What is root canal treatment?

The tooth nerve damage as a result of deep cavities or an injury is often accompanied by toothache, cold and hot sensitivity, sweet sensitivity, pain when chewing, and swelling. In this case, the resolution is the root canal treatment. Root inflammation can be symptomatic or asymptomatic. 


The essence of root canal treatment is to remove the damaged nerve (pulp), clean the canals, and fill them with a special material. Thus, we prevent the spread of apical periodontitis and further infection of surrounding tissues. Root canal treatment is a microscope-assisted procedure intended to repeatedly improve the visibility of the smallest structures inside the tooth.

The main goal of root treatment is to save the inflamed tooth

One of the main goals of dental root canal treatment is to save the inflamed tooth. The loss of a tooth results in many unpleasant consequences, such as difficult chewing, displaced neighboring teeth, and a decreased bone mass. Thanks to the root treatment, the patient may keep the tooth, its function, and appearance for a long time. 

Toothache. How to relieve inflammation?

One of the symptoms of acute tooth inflammation is a severe toothache that worsens at night. On the contrary, chronic root canal inflammation often develops without symptoms at all and is most often detected during a routine X-ray checkup by a dentist. In this case, it is required to treat the roots of the inflamed tooth. This treatment will relieve pain and prevent the spread of infection. With the pain relieved, the patient can return to daily activities and quality pastime!

Good dental health for years to come

Root canal treatment will prevent an infection from spreading from one tooth to another. The saved tooth keeps its previous function with the position of adjacent teeth remaining unchanged.  Root canal treatment preserves the chewing function and tooth aesthetics while improving overall oral health.


Endodontic treatment is an important branch of dentistry, which allows us to stop the spread of apical periodontitis, relieve toothache and the source of inflammation in patients, maintain healthy teeth for many years, and enjoy the quality of life!


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