Children Dental Care

Lapse esimene hambaarsti külastus

Parents might have a lot of questions regarding their children’s dental care. What age should they first visit a dentist? If the condition of the teeth seems to be good, should the child still visit a dentist? What is happening at the dentist and how will the child behave? Maria Lukjanova, the children’s dentist at […]

Is it necessary to treat deciduous teeth?

Kas piimahammaste ravimine on vajalik?

Parents are often thinking about treatment of their child´s teeth. At first it may sound unnecessary because teeth are changing rapidly. Due to that they take the condition of deciduous teeth more lightly. Maria Lukjanova, dentist at Dental Beauty Clinic is talking about necessity of treating youngster´s teeth. The growth of teeth begins already in […]

The prevention of dental caries

Hambaarsti soovitused – hambakaariese ennetamine lastel

Nowadays the dental caries is the most spread human disease. Although there has been some progress in the treatment, it is still widely spread among the children. For example in Estonia 60 – 65% of the children and 83 – 100% adults have dental caries. This is why it is important to give a special […]

Teeth whitening

Hammaste valgendamine

The whitening of the teeth is one of the most popular cosmetic dental service. This is a procedure that will help to make people teeth whiter, thereby improving the aesthetic appearance of the teeth and enhances the patient’s self-confidence and satisfaction with oneself. Causes of teeth discoloration It is important to understand the causes of […]

Proper care of teeth

Hammaste õige hooldamine

The proper care of teeth and care of oral hygiene prevents dental caries and gingivitis formation. Proper dental care extends the life expectancy of teeth and reduces micro-organisms in the mouth. Toothbrushes It is needed to start to brush your teeth from their intersection.The toothbrush should be chosen according to the age and property. A […]

Types of teeth

Hammaste tüübid

Milk Teeth At birth, children already have the milk teeth rudiments. At the age of 6-7 months the milk teeth begin to grow, which can cause pain and discomfort for baby. Milk teeth are necessary for chewing, speech development and for the jaw grows. At the age of 6-7 years,the milk teeth roots begin to […]